Permanent residency through Skilled Visa, 190 – ACT NOMINATION

Are you at a stage where you are struggling to receive an invitation for Permanent residency or 485 – Post Study Work Visa is coming to an expiry?

With immigration policies getting tougher each and every day things don’t look too bright for aspiring migrants especially for those who are hoping to gain a permanent residency through Pro-rata Occupations Invitations have been restricted to only 300 for last two and half month for a subclass 189 Visa. On the hindsight, despite looming changes and uncertainty ACT, Canberra – The nation’s capital – Confident, Bold & Ready may be your answer which could also be a pathway towards permanent residency.

Canberra has a lot to offer you:

  • Affordable housing and quality of life

  • Strategic location between Sydney and Melbourne

  • Major infrastructure projects for economic growth and diversification

  • Health and education facilities that enable world-class services for all Canberrans

  • Excellence in training and research

We have seen 190 Tasmania rule changed previously. Act now before it’s too late.

There is a lot of processes involved if you decide to move to Canberra let us assist you with the process of Skilled Nominated (subclass 190) visa.Talk to a registered migration agent who is an accomplished immigration professional with a demonstrated work experience of working with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for more than two years. Rest assured, you will be in best hands.

The decision you make now will determine your future. Act now before it’s too late.

Disclaimer: The information provided herein is of a general nature only and does not constitute immigration advice. For more detailed and case-specific information or advice, please contact Search Education.