The real struggle of 75 to 80 Points for PR & Plan B?

Are you one of the aspiring immigrant dreaming of Australian permanent residency?

You came to the country, done the hard yard and collected the points and are hoping that you will become a PR of this Golden State but you are stuck with the policy of Department of Home Affairs. It is very important that you to know where you are standing if you are nowhere near to 75 or 80 points, your chances of scoring extra points are slim and your 485 visa is coming to an expiry. As per the current climate of Immigration ACT- 190 is one of the best pathways which could potentially bring you closer to the invitation. Here is the ACT Occupation list – updated 18 March 2018. More likely, your occupation is on the closed list. So, how do you meet the nomination criteria? Don’t get stuck in the puddle without preparation. ACT nomination is not as simple as it looks. Without proper guidance, you may be prepared to fail. With permanent residency option becoming tougher each day for aspiring migrants and tightened immigration policies ACT 190 visa is becoming very popular. The real question is, is it as easy as it looks and how likely it is that coming July 2018 the criteria will be changed? With the flock of migrants in the ACT, ACT 190 is looming to change and you may have one of these questions below:

• Is ACT 190 nomination a simple three steps process?

• Is studying and working in ACT enough to get an invitation?

• How do I renew my visa when my 485 expires?

• What if my visa is refused?

• Is my occupation on a closed occupation list?

Here at Koala Solutions, we have down patted everything you need to know about ACT 190 visa process, the technical aspect and how to address the complexities. Our motto is to help resolve immigration problems as such we are best prepared to guide you through the process. So before you jump to make this big decision it would be a wise idea to have a chat. You will deal with one of the highly experienced Immigration professional and a Registered Migration Agent who will work side by side to shape your career. Get in touch before it is too late for detailed assessment and guidance on your case. There are not many days left for June intake. You will be thankful a year later.

Raju KC

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