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Why Us?

Koala Solutions was founded with a dedicated mission: to streamline and reduce the stress associated with the migration process. Drawing from his personal experience of migrating to Australia at a young age, Raju KC possesses a profound understanding of how the process of Australian Immigration can become overwhelming and demoralising for aspiring immigrants at times.


With experience on both sides of the system,  possesses an in-depth, comprehensive understanding of the Australian immigration system. Having initially been a  part of the bureaucracy through his role in the compliance department within Home Affairs, and now as a migration agent helping aspiring migrants strategically, he has come full circle in his eight years of professional journey. This extensive experience equips him with the expertise needed to tackle noteworthy immigration cases.

At Koala Solutions, we hold our clients in high regard and aim to provide a professional yet relaxed approach to ensure a seamless migration experience for you. Our immigration approach simplifies the process, ensuring your application aligns with all prerequisites for a successful outcome. Our team supports you throughout the process, keeping you well-informed and bridging the gaps between you and the system.

With a remarkable success rate even for exceptionally challenged cases, we are confident in the remarkable value we offer our clients. Whether you are considering a temporary visit, permanent migration, appeal for visa refusals or need personalised migration advice tailored to your unique circumstances, contact us today to explore how we can be of service. You can opt for either an in-person consultation at our Hurstville office or the convenience of an online video consultation.


 Strategic Immigration Advisor for Australia

MARN: 1799073

Justice of Peace, NSW | Reg 219010

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