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Please read our terms and conditions before you proceed to explore our website:

You must acknowledge and accept the Terms of Use Policy (TOU) and Privacy Policy by accessing our website. These documents outline the conditions and rules that govern your visit, interaction, and use of our website and its content. Your acceptance of the TOU and Privacy Policy is mandatory in order to engage with this website. Until you have read, comprehended, and agreed to these terms, you are not allowed to view, browse, or interact with this website or any associated elements such as banners, pop-ups, downloads, or advertisements. 

Once you access this website, it will be assumed that you have read and agreed to all the provisions stated in the TOU, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer, regardless of whether you have actually done so. If you disagree with any of the terms and conditions presented in the TOU or Privacy Policy, you are strictly prohibited from accessing this website in any manner; you must exit the site immediately. 

  1. Authority: These terms and conditions apply to Koala Solutions Reg: 219010. This organization collectively operate under the name "Koala Solutions" and is referred to as such in these Terms and Conditions. 

  2. Definitions Inside TOU: In the Terms of Use Policy (TOU), certain words or phrases are given specific meanings. These meanings, unless stated otherwise, apply throughout the document. 

  3. The terms "website" or "site" refers to this specific website, including its owners, operators, developers, and their respective team members. The terms "visitors" or "you" include individuals interacting with the website, including viewing, browsing, and using its features. All visitors are considered part of the agreement. "Visit this website" refers to activities like viewing, browsing, and interacting with the site and its content, including banners,, pop-ups, downloads, or advertisements.

  4. Denial of Access Inside This Website: We have the authority to deny access to this website to any visitor at our discretion without needing to provide a specific reason. It is mandatory for you to read and accept the Privacy Policy posted on this before being allowed to visit. 

  5. Changes in the TOU: The terms and conditions of the TOU may be updated periodically. It is the responsibility of all visitors to stay informed about these changes as a requirement for visiting this website. 

  6. Usage of Information On This Site: When you visit this website, unless there is a written agreement stating otherwise, you explicitly agree that you are not permitted to use the information from this site for commercial or public purposes. This includes broadcasting, copying, saving, printing, selling, or publishing any part of the content without proper authorization. The unauthorized use of this site or its information is unlawful and may result in civil or criminal consequences. You do not have any rights to use this site's content, including databases, invisible pages, linked pages, underlying code, or other intellectual property, for any reason. Violating these restrictions or any other terms and conditions of the TOU may make you liable for damages to the owners and operators of this site. By accessing and viewing this site, you acknowledge that your agreement to abide by these terms is a necessary condition for being granted permission to visit and view the site. 

  7. No Right To Use The Information Of This Website: The website and its contents are either owned or licensed by this site. The material on this website is protected by copyrights and is considered proprietary. Visitors do not possess any rights to the content of this site. 

  8. Forbidden To Hyperlink, Co-brand, Frame, And Referencing This Website: Hyperlinking to this website or any its parts, including logos, trademarks, branding, or copyrighted material, is strictly prohibited unless you have written authorisation from the owner(s) of this website. You are not permitted to mention or reference this site's URL (website address) in any media, whether commercial or non-commercial, without express written permission from the owner(s). Framing the site is also not allowed. You agree to cooperate with the website in discontinuing or deactivating any such prohibited activities, and you accept liability for any damages incurred by the website due to violations of these restrictions. 

  9. No Warranty On The Accuracy Of The Content: The information on this website has been obtained from our suppliers. Although Koala Solutions has made efforts to ensure its accuracy, we cannot guarantee its correctness. You should not solely rely on the information presented here as accurate. This website does not take responsibility for the accuracy of the content provided. Visitors assume all risks associated with viewing, reading, using, or relying on the information displayed. The information on this site should be used as a general guide only. If you need more specific details, please reach out to us.

  10. Denial Of All The Damages It May Cause To Your Computer Or Software: Visitors are responsible for the risk of encountering viruses, worms, or other harmful computer codes while accessing this website or downloading its content. This website denies any liability for damages to the visitor’s computer or software caused by corrupted code or data inadvertently transmitted from the site’s contents or downloads. Visiting this site is done at your own risk.

  11. Limitation In Liability: By visiting this website, you permanently relinquish any rights you may have had to make claims for damages of any kind, without any limitations, as a requirement for being granted permission to access this site.

  12. Indemnification: By accessing this site, you agree without reservation to indemnify, defend, and protect this website from any damages and expenses, including legal fees, incurred as a result of your negligent or intentional actions.

  13. When you visit this site, you recognise and consent that any communication exchanged between you and the website will be considered a submission. All submissions, including any graphics or content, will become the sole property of the website and may be utilised for commercial purposes without requiring permission or offering compensation. 

  14. Conflict: By visiting the site, you consent to resolve any claim, dispute, or controversy of any kind that arises or relates to your use of this site, including solicitation, privacy, and terms of use issues, through binding arbitration.

  15. Applicable Law: You agree that any disputes between you and the website will be governed by and interpreted under the laws of the state State of NSW and Australia. This excludes any conflict of law principles that may result in the application of laws from other jurisdictions. 

  16. IRMAP And Omara Code Of Conduct: I acknowledge that Koala Solutions employs Registered Migration Agents by utilising this website. The migration information presented on this site is authored by a registered agent and is provided in accordance with IRMAP (Information on the Regulation of Migration Agents). While the information is subject to a disclaimer and does not constitute advice, it adheres to the Code of Conduct established by the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) office. Using this site assumes that I have read the Code of Conduct and accessed the IRMAP. Please refer to the Code of Conduct and IRMAP page for further details.

  17. Queries, Comments, Or Complaints: For any inquiries, feedback, or concerns regarding this website, please visit our ‘’Contact Us’’ page.

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