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NSW's Latest Surprise: Opening Floodgates or Selective Invites Only?

Updated: May 8, 2023

You may have heard that NSW has relaxed the nomination criteria for this financial year from previously published high points, but that does not necessarily mean everyone will be selected for 190 or 491 however it is certainly good news! To understand this, we need to trace back to 189 invitation dates. 8th December 2022 was the day when many migrants were invited for a Subclass 189 Visa. The previous two rounds were in August and October of 2022. Based on that, we anticipate the following invitation round to be in February 2023; however, the quotas for the Financial Year 2022/2023 may have been utilised by 90% by the third invitation round for a Subclass 189 Visa. This massive number of 189 invitations has sent another wave to different states and territories to reconsider their outdated Migration Program, and NSW reacted last Friday.

What does the change from NSW mean for aspiring migrants trying to achieve 190?

Previously published NSW 190 criterias were challenging to meet, requiring applicants to have both high points and years of experience in their nominated field. The published policy was nothing but a mistake from NSW Skilled Migration Team. To put this in plain terms, NSW Skilled Migration was “clueless” about what they were doing as there were Nurses invited on 65 points for a 189 visa, whereas NSW was demanding 85 points with one year of experience for a 190 visa which is an absolute joke. This led to many invited clients not accepting NSW Nominations for 190.

In the context of NSW 491, it was even worse. It was so bureaucratic that they made two pathways for a 491, even for those living and working in regional NSW. The criteria were so tough that the skilled workers who were living and working in regional NSW started flying to other states in the hope of getting invited. Fast forward to December 2022, NSW Skilled Migration has come to its sense and realised their so-called tough instance is not practical, which made them relax both the points and employment criteria.

However, the newly updated information on panic is another example of how ill-prepared the NSW Skilled Migration team is. The screenshot below from NSW changes is sending shockwaves amongst migrants, and they are interpreting it as such that everyone will be invited.

No, that is not the case. There will still be competition with 190, but it simply means the previously published standards are unrealistic. They have now adopted more flexible nomination criteria that many aspiring migrants may now meet. This is how NSW will roll out he invitations.

December 2022 - Mid January 2023 ( Pre-Invitation email will be slow given the holiday period) Mid Jan 2023 - March 2023 - High Points across different occupations April 2023 - June 2023 ( As always, NSW will be flexible and roll out invitations to those with lesser points to exhaust their quotas left for the remaining financial year) WHAT SHOULD YOU DO AS A MIGRANT IN NSW TO GET A 189/190/491 NOMINATION?


  2. I still recommend you go for high points in NSW, as you will be competing against other Migrants

  3. Lodge your EOI for 190 and select 189 as well if your occupation is on MLTSSL

  4. Work towards increasing points and keep your EOI up to date.

  5. Most importantly, work in your nominated occupation

Here are the responses to frequently asked questions:

Do I need a skills assessment for 189, 190 or 491? A valid skills assessment is required and a must at the time of invitation.

Do I need a PTE or IELTS? 100%. This is a must towards claiming English Points. Will everyone be invited for 190 in NSW now since they have relaxed the points and employment requirements?

Absolutely not. They have a total of 9,108 places for this financial year 2022/23, out of which at least 1,000 places may have been used as of December 2022. This means NSW will nominate skilled migrants from now until the end of June 2023 to utilise all places. The last three months of the Financial Year 2022/23 will be the most flexible months. Permanent residency does not have to be complicated: Remember - People before you got a Permanent residency and people after you will also get a Permanent Residency to focus on how you will get it. Book online for strategic Immigration consulting, or send us an email at Our next appointments will be in Janaury 2023 only. Get in touch via email INFO@KOALAZ.COM.AU in the meantime. As I have been saying for the last year, we are living in one of the best times to get a PR in Australia, but you must still meet the criteria. Rather than procrastinating and getting carried away with news, work towards meeting the nomination criterias so that you will be closer to your Permanent Residency. Raju KC - Strategic Immigration Advisor MARN:1799073

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