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Start your Summer recruitment now!

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Summer is just around the corner, and if you haven't already started your recruitment process, now is the time to act swiftly! With less than 11 weeks until Christmas and New Year, preparing your team is crucial for the bustling summer season.

As an Australian employer seeking skilled talent across various industries such as hospitality, trade, construction, and health, you may want to explore your options for bringing in skilled workers from overseas with minimal hassle. That's where the Subclass 400 Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist) visa comes into play. This temporary visa's Highly Specialised Work stream lets skilled people do short-term, highly specialised work in Australia. The beauty of this visa is that – it allows businesses to invite overseas workers based solely on a job offer, without the need for sponsorship, which is often a barrier for many corporate employers to start the process of inviting skilled overseas workers.

At Koala Solutions, we specialise in helping you find the finest candidates from around the world, pre-screening top talent, and guiding you seamlessly through the visa process. Here's how our process works:

  1. Analyse Staff Needs and Secure Skilled Talent: You tell us how many positions you need to fill.

  2. Align Recruitment with Goals: We work with you to create a recruitment plan that aligns with your organisation's objectives, whether you're hiring for seasonal needs or filling vacant positions.

  3. Employee Retention and Success: Ensuring staff retention is crucial for long-term success. Our strategies help you maintain a stable and motivated workforce.

  4. Customised Migration Plan and Visa Options towards Permanent Residency: It would not be surprising if skilled people decide to settle here permanently upon arrival. Our team will assist with providing a tailored migration plan to achieve a permanent residency for them.

Key Advantages of the Subclass 400 Visa:

  • No Immigration Fee: This visa category doesn't require an immigration fee for the employers nor the skilling Australian Fund Levy. You only pay a modest fee for each successful recruitment(if applicable), eliminating trial and error costs.

  • Flexibility for Evaluation: With the Subclass 400 visa, you can evaluate candidates for at least six months before sponsoring them for further visas. This allows you ample time to assess their suitability for your organisation.

  • Rapid Turnaround Time: The Subclass 400 visa typically boasts a quick turnaround time, ranging from one to three weeks in most cases, ensuring you have your team ready for the holiday season without delay.

  • Arrival Flexibility: Candidates are not obligated to arrive immediately upon visa grant. They have a six-month window to enter the country, providing flexibility to meet sudden staffing needs.

To explore the Subclass 400 visa further and learn how Koala Solutions can support your recruitment needs, don't hesitate to schedule a consultation with us. Whether it's for your business or others who could benefit from our services, we look forward to assisting you in expanding your business with the right talent.

In addition, if you're an Australian employer in the hospitality or trade sector, you're likely to experience a bustling summer season. We understand the unique challenges you face, especially with a salary requirement of $70,000 per annum. Koala Solutions specialises in providing strategic immigration routes for small and medium-sized enterprises, helping you secure skilled workers while minimising labour costs.

Here are some top tips to prepare for your busy summer:

  1. Assess the number of vacancies and start selecting suitable candidates.

  2. If your salary range falls under $70,000, consider Subclass 482 work visas, or if it is within $35,000 to $65,000, consider options like training visas for Subclass 407.

Remember, skilled workers not only care about their visa status but also their long-term future and family's well-being. Discuss their expectations and how your organisation supports their journey toward permanent residency. At Koala Solutions, we provide cultural integration support to help your overseas workers feel at home in Australia, ensuring maximum performance and harmony within your team.

Moreover, we ensure that your organisation complies with standard business requirements when hiring overseas workers, including salary records and service fees paid to the Department of Home Affairs and immigration and recruitment consultants.

If you have any questions or want to explore how Koala Solutions can assist your summer recruitment needs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're here to help you thrive this summer and beyond!

Book online to assess your current recruitment situation to identify the most appropriate candidate for your needs, or email at INFO@KOALAZ.COM.AU

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